Keen to take extra steps to be a decision-maker before full-time role, reckons Pat Cummins
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Pat Cummins, who has been slated to become the next Australian Test skipper, reckoned that he is keen to take the extra steps to be a decision-maker before getting the full-time role. He also added that right now he doesn’t have the experience, having captained odd games here and there.Despite making his debut as an 18-year-old, Pat Cummins had to wait for a long time before making his return to the Australian setup, following long spells of injury. However, that only made him, his stature much stronger as the pacer cemented his place in legacy with his bowling. Post his return, the Sydney-born pacer has also become World’s No.1 Test bowler, all on the back of his consistent displays all over the world. On top of that, his show and attitude has also made him a front-runner for the Test captaincy post Tim Paine’s era as the skipper of the side. However, Pat Cummins reckoned that he is keen to take the extra steps as the decision-maker before getting the full-time role as the Test captain of the country. "That'd probably be the biggest change, but whether that's a dealbreaker or not, I'd have to try it first I think. Naturally you try to stay pretty involved in a game, so always thinking about the game in the background. Just taking that extra step to be a decision-maker, it might be a small step or a big step, but keen to give it a crack and see how it goes,” Cummins told ESPNCricinfo. "Absolutely - at the moment I haven't got too much experience at all, just a couple of warm-up games in England and other than that it's Under-16s cricket when I last captained. So for sure it's something that's going to be more on the radar," Cummins added.Right now, the pacer insisted that he needs to start upping his game, on the look for taking the right decision. He added that in the future, he would definitely want to have a crack at finding out whether he would be the right fit as the Test skipper. In a country where skippers are dominated by batsmen, Cummins belongs to the rarer of breeds, with Geoff Lawson the last real pace-candidate for leadership duties. "Even to increase my experience as vice-captain if I ever need to step in or help out Painey or Finchy, I think it is something I'd like to have a crack at to find out either way, whether I enjoy it, whether I'm no good at it or whether I find it manageable.""I think that would be the big one, at times, just the nature of not having to totally switch on, you take the opportunity to switch off," he concluded.Follow us on Facebook hereStay connected with us on Twitter hereLike and share our Instagram page here .
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